Gustavus Selenus - Nine Books of Cryptography
Systema Integrum Cryptographiae Authore Gustavo Seleno.


Books now available from Selenus' Nine books
(With much thanks to Walter Cygnowski 
and Graham Smith for making this possible)


Book 1
CHAPTER THE FIRST. - Containing a General Introduction, wherein is treated the Origin and Value of this Art, together with the Earliest Writers on the Subject; as well as the Present Author’s Plan.
CHAPTER THE SECOND. - Containing a Definition of the Term Cryptography, and the Explanation of the same.
CHAPTER THE THIRD. - Treating of the Subjects cognate to Cryptography and the Place of Cryptography among them.
CHAPTER THE FOURTH. - On the Distribution of the following Treatise.
Book 2
CHAPTER ONE. - Which touches on the Modes of Cryptology properly called.
CHAPTER THE SECOND. - Which touches on Cryptography proper and treats of its Fundamental Principles.
CHAPTER THE THIRD. - On Hidden Writing by Position of Letters.
CHAPTER THE FOURTH. - Treating of the Disarrangement of Order, and the Modes depending thereon.
CHAPTER THE FIFTH. - On Inverted Writing, in general and in particular.
CHAPTER THE SIXTH. - On Direct Ordinary Strewing of Letters, Saliently accomplished.
CHAPTER THE SEVENTH. - On Direct Ordinary Scattering of Letters, of the second and third kinds; also on Oblique Scattering and Inverted Scattering.
CHAPTER THE EIGHTH. - On Arbitrary Strewing of Letters, or Strewing by the Use of a Key.
CHAPTER THE NINTH. - On Artificial Transference or Strewing of Letters, or Transference by the Mediation of a Table.
CHAPTER THE TENTH. - On the Superinduction of Non-significant Letters by the Preparation of Real, False and Mixed Speech.
Book 3
CHAPTER THE FIRST. - Containing a General Introduction to Trithemius’s Steganographia.
CHAPTER THE SECOND. - On the Steganographic Process in general, its three more general Modes, together with their Subdivisions.
CHAPTER THE THIRD. - On Simple Preparation of Words, all Consignificant, or the First Mode, called Pamersiel.
CHAPTER THE FOURTH. - On Simple Preparation of words, one Consignificant and one Non-significant alternately used, or Modes Camuel and Padiel.
CHAPTER THE FIFTH. - On Simple Preparation of Words, one Non-significant and several Consignificant, or Mode Aseliel.
CHAPTER THE SEVENTH. - On Preparation of Words, Specially Modified by a kind of Deviation thereof, or Modes Barmiel, Asiriel, Malgaras, Usiel, Raysiel and Symiel.


Book 4
(Wherein is provided a further Outline of the Steganographia Modes
And a Plan of the Polygraphia ModesTable containing a Synopsis of this Book.)
Chapter One. - On Preparation of Words, as yet generically considered.
Chapter Two. - On Preparation of Real Words. Both the Simpler Preparation and Altered or Newly-Qualified Preparation.
Chapter Three. - On Preparation of Words such as is clothed in Real Discourse, considered with reference to the Initial letter.
Chapter Four. - On the same Preparation, Considered with reference to the Last Letter.
Chapter Five. - On the same Preparation, Considered with reference to Indeterminate Letters of the Word.
Chapter Six. - On arbitrary Preparation accomplished by means of a Key; also on Fortuitous Preparation accomplished by means of an Instrument.
Chapter Seven. - On Preparation of Fictitious Words and Discourse.
Chapter Eight. - Wherein is contained an Estimate and a Defence of the Term Polygraphy and of the name of him who originated the same.
Chapter Nine. - On Preparation of Words Artificially constructed.
Chapter Ten. - On seeking a Cloak for this Mode.
Book 5
Book 6
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Book 9