Mistress Fitton



      Love is my sin and thy dear virtue hate,
      Hate of my sin, grounded on sinful Joving,
      0, but with mine, compare thou thine own state,
      And thou shalt find it merits not reproving,
      Or if it do, not from those lips of thine,
      That have profaned their scarlet ornament,
      And sealed false bonds of love as oft as mine,
      Robbed others beds, revenues of their rents,
      Be it lawful I love thee as thou lovest those
      Whom thine eyes woo as mine importune thee,
      Root pity in thy heart that when it grows,
      Thy pity may deserve to pitied be,
      If thou dost seek to have what thou dost hide,
      By self example may'st thou be denied.


Note the repetitions of the following words, we find-thou,
thou, thou, thou, thou, thou, thine, thine, thine, mine, mine,
mine, thy, thy, thy.

1st and 2nd Lines.  Grounded (founded on) hate being the fact
                                 that his love is sinful.

6th Line.            " Scarlet ornaments " compare Edward III,
                             Act 2, Scene 1 = "his cheekes put on their
                              scarlet Ornaments".

7th Line              Sealed-with kisses.

13th Lines.          What thou dost hide-pity.

14th Line.           May you be refused in accordance with your
                            own practice.

This sonnet appears to be addressed to Mistress Fitton.


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