Mistress Fitton



      In loving thee thou knowst I am forsworn,
      But thou art twice forsworn to me love swearing,
      In act thy bed--vow--broke and new faith torn,
      In vowing new hate after new love bearing:
      But why of two oaths breach do I accuse thee,
      When I break twenty: I am perjured most
      For all my vowes are oaths but to misuse thee:
      And all my honest faith in thee is lost.
      For I have sworn deep oaths of thy deep kindness:
      Oaths of thy love, thy truth, thy constancy,
      And to enlighten thee-gave eyes to blindness,
      Or made them swear against the thing they see,
      For I have sworn thee fair--more perjured eye
      To swear against the truth so foul a lie.


  Note the repetition of certain words, we find-forsworn, forsworn, I have sworn, I have sworn, swear, swear, oaths, oaths, oaths, oaths, truth, truth, love, love, love, faith, faith,perjured, perjured.
  Here Bacon tells Mistress Fitton that in loving her he is forsworn (perjured) by swearing falsely but that she by swearing that she loves him is twice forsworn and has torn his faith in her when after having borne him love-she now vows that she hates him.  He asks why should he accuse her of breaking two oaths when he himself has broken twenty and that he is also perjured because all his vowes were oaths to misuse (treat ill) her. Tells her that all his faith in her is lost and that he has sworn deep oaths of her kindness, love, truth and constancy and that to enlighten (shed light on) her-gave eyes to blindness and made his eyes swear against the truth that they see and that he has sworn that she is fair (free from blemish) and that his eyes are also perjured by swearing against the truth such a foul lie.


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