Sonnet No.31 

       Thy bosom is endeared with all hearts,
       Which I by lacking have supposed dead,
       And there reigns love, and all loves  loving parts,
       And all those friends which I thought buried.
       How many a holy and obsequious tear,
       Hath dear religious love  stol'n from mine eye,
       As interest from the dead  which now appear,
       But things removed that hidden  in there lie,
       Thou art the grave where buried  love doth live,
       Hung with the trophies of my lovers gone,
       Their images I loved, I view in thee
      And thou (all they) hast all the best of me.




Note the repetition of the following words, we find-love, love,
love, loves, lovers, loved.

Here we are told that her bosom (heart) is bound to all hearts
which he by lacking (missing) supposed to be dead but that in
her heart reigned love and friends (acquaintances) which he
though were dead and that he has shed tears that things dead
(removed) are hidden and that she is the grave where buried
love still lives-that due (debt) of many persons is hers alone
and that their images which he loved-he views in her and that
she and they have all the best of himself.