When most I wink  then do mine eyes  best see
    For all the day  they view things unrespected;
    But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee,
    And darkly bright, are bright in dark  directed.
    Then thou whose shadow-shadows doth make bright
    How would thy shadows  form, form happy show
    To the clear day  with thy much clearer  light,
    When to unseeing eyes  thy shade shines so!
    How would (I say) mine eyes  be blessed made
    By looking on thee  in the living day
    When in dead night  thy fair imperfect  shade
    Through heavy sleep on sightless eyes doth stay
    All days are nights  to see till I see thee,
    And nights bright days  when dreams  do show thee.



  Note the repetition of certain words, we find-mine eyes,
mine eyes, eyes, eyes, see, see, see, day, day, days, days, bright,
bright, bright, shade, shade, night, nights, nights, dreams,
dreams, shadow, shadows, shadows.

1st Line.  Wink-close my eyes-sleep.
2nd Line.  Unrespected-unnoticed.
11th Line.  Imperfect-because it is only the shadow of what
            is perfect.

  Here Bacon, addressing Marguerite, writes that when he is
asleep he dreams that his eyes look on thee.  A shadow which
shadows make bright as in a clear day and shine to unseeing
eyes and his eyes are blessed by looking on her in daylight.
But in the dead of night- her fair imperfect shade stays with
him though his eyes are sightless because he is asleep and that
all days  are nights  until he can see the bright days when his
dreams show him her once more.


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