The other two, slight air and purging fire,
       Are both with thee, wherever I abide,
       The first my thought, the other my desire
       These present-absent with swift motion slide,
       For when these quicker elements  are gone
       In tender embassy of love to thee,
      My life being made of four, with two alone
       Sinks down to death, oppress'd with melancholy;
       Until life's composition  be recured,
       By these swift messengers  returned from thee
       Who even but now come back again assured
       Of thy fair health-recounting it to me
       This told I joy; but then no longer glad
       I send them back again and straight grow sad.


1st Line.    Purging fire--the purifying influence of the refiners
              fire is well known.
3rd Line.    Purging fire is his desire represented by fire as
              being hot.
7th Line.    My life  being made of four. See "Twelfth
              Night's Dream", Act 2, Scene 2: "Does not our
              life consist of the four elements."

  Sonnets Nos. 44 and 45 are a pair and are linked together by
meaning and No.44 would be unintelligible without No.45.
In No.44 is a reference to earth and water described as slow
elements  and in No.45 is a reference to slight air and fire described as quick elements. The ancients considered that the body of a human being was composed of the four elements-earth, water, air and fire.  In Sonnet No.45 we read "My life being made of four  and life's composition. These two sonnets are describ-ing what we today call telepathy- a communication between mind and mind other than through the known channels of the senses. How can the Stratfordians be so foolish as to say that Will Shakspere wrote these two sonnets.  He could have known nothing whatsoever of the sciences and had no opportunity of studying them.

  In Sonnet No.44, Bacon tells us that if his body were not solid
but thought, it could be transferred from one place to another,
no matter how far away (jumping sea and land) and he wishes
that his body was thought and could be taken to the place where
Marguerite was so that he could be assured of her good health.


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