Why  is my verse so barren of new pride?
       So far from variation or quick change?
       Why with the time do I not glance aside,
       To new found methods and to compounds strange?
      Why  write I still alone, ever the same
       And keep invention in a noted weed,
       That every word doth almost fell my name
       Shewing their birth and where they did proceed?
       0, know, sweet love, I always write of you
       And you and love  are still my argument;
       So all my best is dressing old words new
       Spending again what is already spent;
       For as the sun is daily new and old,
       So is my love  still telling what is told.


3rd Line.   With the time-following the fashion.
4th Line.   Compounds-compound words.
8th Line.   Where-from whence.
10th Line.  Argument-subject.

This sonnet clearly shows that it was not written by Will
Shakspere.  The writer of this sonnet tells us that he kept
invention " in a noted weed"    The word " invention" means
a contrivance or a deceit-or the faculty or power of invention.
And the word "weed" means a garment or disguise or a worth-
less character.  Will Shakspere was never under the necessity
of having to contrive anything to disguise what he had been
doing.  But Francis Bacon had to do so and in his last prayer
writes-" I have (though in a despised weed ) procured the good
of all men."   Note the word "fell" in the sixth line. The
word " fell " refers to the process of weaving, to fell a piece of
cloth means to finish weaving it.  Bacon in his sixth line word
cipher which he inserted in the first folio (discovered by the
writer) tells us that he used weaving to join together certain
words in the text to give sentences like threads of cloth joined
together in weaving to make a piece of cloth.  In this sonnet
Bacon tells his readers that he has felled or woven his name into
the text of his work so that it shall be there for all time  and that at some future date  this would be discovered because in the
Shakespeare" play of King Lear-Act 1, Scene 1-we read
time  shall unfold what plaited cunning hides ".

  Bacon himself wrote that the formula itself of interpretation
(the art of felling concrete motifs) and the discoveries made by
the same will thrive better if committed to the charge of some
fit and selected minds and kept private.
  This sonnet is addressed to "Pallas Athene " and he says
that he always writes "of you--sweet love."


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