All the World’s been Staged
E.M. Dutton & L.I. Gerald

Readers’ Note: (The Public Records & State Paper Office forgeries must be briefly mentioned. Besides the libraries of Devonshire House, Bridgewater House and Dulwich College, one of the branch repositories of the Public Records and the State Paper Office was a golden well where the forger’s handiwork has been traced. In fact, there is one document contained in a parcel marked “Bundle, No. 222, Elizabeth (1596)” which has been certified a forgery from Mr. J. P. Collier’s hands. (Hamilton N.E.S.A. An Inquiry. London: Richard Bentley, 1860.) Our investigation in this article, does not take its references from this forged bundle (No. 222, Elizabeth 1596), and therefore what is being told here, is not based on those forged documents).

The Burbages, The Alleyn’s, & Francis Bacon

The Globe theatre was built in 1599 and in 1600, Philip Henslowe (managing director of the Admiral’s Men) and his son-in-law Edward Alleyn 1 (head of the acting company; both owners of the Rose Theatre) engaged a friend of Cuthbert Burbage 2 (son of James Burbage3) to build a theatre for them under the same style as The Globe in Golden Lane; it was afterwards called The Fortune theatre. This friend of theirs was called Peter Street. After the construction of the new theatre, the Burbages, though removing their theatre to the south, continued to live in Shoreditch, an area, alleged by many Stratfordians, to have been the dwelling place of Shaksper, their prodigal son. Read full article...>>



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